Setiap pagi aku bangun
aku mandi
aku solat
aku sarapan
aku pergi kerja
mesti korang yang dah bekerja macam aku jugak kan??

life is just something we can predict
too many surprise

Everything we done must have a reason..
something happen in our life is because of ourself..
did you realize that??

so frustrated when nobody can take gurantee to be guidance in your own life
everything be stand by your own
only ONE
can hear you always
only ONE
can be at your side everytime..
i am a normal person..
always forgot about the ONE
always ignore about the ONE

give me your forgiveness my ONE
I only have you as my truly guidance
I only have you as my strength
Please guide me..
Please always be at my side..
Ya Allah..



kosong = empty
empty = kosong
0 = 0

boleh x buat post kosong???
no idea la...just go straight and dont pusing-pusing.
full stop!
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